LaSaia Wade: Founder and Executive Director

LaSaia Wade is an open Afro Puerto Rican Indigenous Trans Woman, founder of TNTJ Project in Tennessee, and member of Chicago TGNC Collective and the Trans Liberation Collective. She is now the first Trans woman in Illinois History to be honored in Women’s History month for the work she’s doing. She was a central organizer for the Trans Liberation Protest Chicago, the largest march for trans rights in Midwestern history. LaSaia graduated in 2010 with a BBA in Business Management, has 10+ years of experience in organizing and advocacy work with black, indigenous, trans and gender nonconforming folx around the world. She is the business owner of Mystical Bee Hive, and facilitates trainings across the U.S.


Stephanie Skora: Director of Policy and Operations

Stephanie Skora is a lesbian, trans woman, and anti-Zionist Ashkenazi Jew whose activist work centers around Palestinian solidarity organizing, queering Jewish spaces, and fighting for justice and liberation for all trans people. She serves as a Chapter Leader with Jewish Voice for Peace – Chicago, and is a co-founder and lead organizer for the Trans Liberation Collective in Chicago. Stephanie graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016 with a BA in Political Science and Gender & Women’s Studies, with minors in Sociology and Queer Studies.

Myah Brown: Director of Programming and Organizing 

Born and raised on the south side  of Chicago where she made it her mission to stay in her childhood area. from her life experiences she became not only an example but grew a passion for helping homeless LGBTQ youth of color. Myah became a leader, and example from being the little homeless trans woman of color from Englewood to to Legendary mother of the House of Mizrahi, he built supportive relationship from those who believed in here and showed those who didn’t she could. with some many word that could be said she would rather just say one that describe her and when it come to seeing that ALL Trans and gender non-conforming folks access services they need and feel loved…PASSIONATE.

Keosha Milan: Office Manager

Keosha is a black trans-woman of color born in Chicago IL. Keosha grew up in a abusive house hold  where her identity wasn’t excepted or understood. when she was 18 she was thrown out of her mothers home, and was forced to find her place in the word. As she struggled with identity crisis and her coming out she found herself in 2013 working with the youth empowerment performance project (Y.E.P.P.) Keosha currently is actively fighting for the rights of trans-people of color here at BSA while actively volunteering in LGBTQ community centers sharing her story to help those overcome the struggles she faced!