Health and Wellness

Brave Space Alliance offers a number of mental and physical health and wellness services, and has partnered with the Broadway Youth Center and Howard Brown to provide even more outreach to the community. Queer and trans healthcare must always be for us, by us!

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Life and Resource Access

Many queer and trans people struggle to obtain resources or access to survive in a society in which discrimination and harassment are unavoidable realities. Brave Space Alliance provides educational and access-based programming to provide members of our community with the knowledge that we need to survive in a society that is often unfriendly to our…

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Media and Art

We see and hold the artists and creators in our community close, and seek to provide a space that honors all parts of our identities as humans, beyond our gender and sexuality. We are proud to offer multiple creative spaces in our 58th Street location, including: A full recording studio and audio/visual content creation space…

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Safe Souls

Safe Souls Self defense philosophy: Safe Souls believes in the sanctity and preservation of life.  We value justice and safety and work to give people the opportunity to feel confident, secure and competent in defending themselves, while seeing the humanity in their opponent.  We are against the use of force and violence as a means…

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